Having a hard time finding your house keys?

You may want to cross examine your bengal. These cute crooks tend to do what they please with whatever objects and items throughout your house catch their interest. They might pick something up and hide it behind your couch, or decide that important check you’re supposed to cash would be better in a million little pieces all over the living room floor. Keep your Bengal out of your things by offering it plenty of cat-friendly toys.

Looking for your other sock?

What about the new hair clips you bought last week? Lost your earrings? Well, if you share your home with a Bengal cat, the odds are that they have something to do with this mysterious disappearance. Yep, Bengal cats are brilliant thieves – so good, in fact, it’s sometimes impossible to find the stolen goods. And if you try to confront them, well, butter wouldn’t melt. As annoying as it is, you’ve sucked up and learned that buying new things is a great solution to this problem.